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What is love?

There have been many debates, arguments, and positions about what exactly love is. The only way to truly explain what love is, is by simply experiencing it but that is not going to stop me from giving my opinion about what it is and does. Love can only be explained by those who have loved and lost their love because of one thing or another. It think this word is a feeling not so much of a textbook definition. Giving life or losing a loved one can help you understand how important love is. But the only answer that matters is in the the heart of the one loving. It can be described as a feeling of intense warmth, happiness with a overwhelming sensation sort of like butterflies or when you stomach moves unexpectedly. I would say that's the good feelings of love but love has a dark side one can cause sadness, anger, and jealous emotions. So to be honest one can have an assortment of feelings.  Each person can experience it differently from person to person and often say love hurts like no other feeling. Usually that is because the person that has harmed you is the one you adore and cherish the most. 

But I want to move past the emotional bond felt between two or more people. When you love someone or something else much you can lose yourself and that is the most important person. Self love or having love for yourself can definitely change how you love someone else. If you do not truly love yourself you cannot truly love anyone else. Self love should never die or get lost in the web of things the look or may feel like real love. Lust should never be misunderstood or disguised as love. Infatuation is often thought of as the beginning of love but the spirit of control either over the person or over your own actions proves to false in the mess of it all. Now, I believe we have all had a crushes as young adults or maybe even as a child but they're never that serious and usually we can tell that we are being ridiculous. Ultimately yourself is the flower that continues to grow and welt over and over again as you learn to accept and discard the little pieces that no longer complete yourself made puzzle. Your puzzle of love is only complete when the lover you have for yourself is experienced through the hearts and eyes of others.

In closing I invite you to comment below what your definition of love is. And check out my newest apparel iLove Clothing coming soon!

Thanks for reading. 

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