Is this the Face Of The Creator?

Is this the Face Of The Creator?

The Hubble telescope captures many images and only a few would be considered as noteworthy.  Outer space is so huge that trying to explore every corner is just plain impossible so the Hubble telescope has the tremendous task of going further and deeper into space to photograph new and exciting images that have never been seen before.  This picture of what appears to be a face is only viewable when the photo is taken from a much larger distance.  The Hubble telescope takes hundreds of photos of this cosmic dust.  Some shots do not reveal this image so do not be confused into believing that it has been photoshopped.  But the question here is what could it be and is it a sign of some sort?  

N.A.S.A built the Hubble telescope launched it into earth's orbit on April 24, 1990. It is the most powerful telescopes ever created. This telescope orbit's the earth 400 miles above the earth's surface and take's 97 minutes to circle the earth. Hubble has captured some very amazing and mysterious pictures ever seen by mans eyes.  On its 10 year anniversary of being in orbit around the earth, N.A.S.A discovers it has some very serious issues that needed to be repaired. They made the repairs quite quickly because they had their eyes set on going much further and deeper into space.  After the new repairs were made the Hubble telescope was back in excellent working condition and now ready to take on the next fascinating outer space photographic discovery. 

N.A.S.A decides to push Hubble in its next attempt to see much deeper into space. The Hubble telescope had brand new software installed and was fitted with some new equipment that replaced the old and broken pieces. The telescope was pointed at a galaxy for 11 days and the images that were captured was astonishing.  The images were the farthest it had ever reached.  This nebula is called "NGC602N90".  A nebula is composed of dust and gases which in this case created a image of a face.  The nebula cloud is 100 light years in hight, width and depth. Inside there are several stars that formed from the dust and gases that make up this nebula. The most fascinating thing about this picture is that it's eyes or what looks to be eyes are gazed in the exact direction of the planet earth.

Some experts have analyzed it and revealed that this uncanny image of a young male is actually hundred of thousands of years old. But if this image is real and hasn't been photoshopped what could it be and why.  Our brains are programmed to see faces in many things but this image get me to wonder if our creator has a sense of humor. Could the place be the next home for intelligent beings? Or is trying to tell us we didn't evolve from monkeys and we are truly the aliens god speaks about when he says we are not of this earth and maybe it's just a coincidence...

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